Biodiversity Resilience: 2nd and 3rd October

The annual Biodiversity Institute Symposium this year will tackle the subject of Biodiversity Resilience. Factors leading to the loss of resilience in social-ecological systems are the focus many excellent on-going research programmes and symposia. However, this two-day symposium aims to highlight the other side of the resilience research agenda – namely factors that promote and lead to resilience of biodiversity. The symposium will showcase ongoing research that examines the biotic and abiotic processes and mechanisms responsible for biodiversity resilience (ranging from genomics to landscape-scale), through to policies and management that ensure resilience of biodiversity now and in the future. Invited speakers will be addressing the following topics and questions:

How do we create resilient arctic ecosystems?
How does genomic biodiversity contribute to ecological resilience?
What is the role of biodiversity in ecosystem function and resilience?
Resilience in Oceans
Policy trade-offs for biodiversity resilience
Long term studies as bellwethers of biodiversity resilience
Factors influencing the resilience of populations and ecosystems to perturbation – theory and empirical evidence
Landscape resilience and biodiversity in arid environments
Governing for resilience

Poster Session

There will be formal poster sessions during the event. Please consider presenting a poster when you register.