Biosymposium 2012: Biodiversity Technologies

Biodiversity technologies: held on the 27th and 28th of September, 2012

The Biodiversity Institute’s research theme on Biodiversity Technologies aims to engage in agenda-setting research from which it develops web-based toolsthat enable an easy identification of species and the assessment of important regions for biodiversity conservation. This year’s Biodiversity Institute Symposium highlighted the use of emerging technologies in biodiversity science and conservation. The symposium brought together over 36 speakers and 21 posters – presenting the latest research and developments in biodiversity technologies that are used in wide variety of settings and applications, including: bioacoustics, citizen science, field data collection, mapping and genetic technologies.



Download full symposium programme. Individual presentations can be accessed by clicking on the titles below. If you have any questions and further information about the symposium, please contact us.