November 20, 2015
Main image for Kathy Willis interview on BBC’s The Life Scientific

The wide-ranging interview with Presenter Jim Al-Khalili  on BBC Radio 4 The Life Scientific covers Kathy’s academic career in biodiversity focussing on plants and their environments from the New Forest to the Galapagos Islands and all points between: “I’m determined to prove botany is not the ‘Cinderella of science”. She discusses the necessity of knowing the deep history of a landscape before taking policy decisions for its management, and the importance of developing land-use decision-making tools, such as the Local Ecological Footprint Tool (LEFT), to conserve land that is outside protected areas. The interview also covers some of the challenges facing the Royal Botanic Garden Kew, where Kathy is Director of Science, which has faced a reduction in government funding in recent years.

Kathy Willis is the former head of the Biodiversity Institute.

Originally published by OxLeL