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Small scale farmers in Latin America

Although a broad consensus exists on both the positive role that agriculture could play in poverty reduction and the need to invest in this key economic sector, disagreements remain on the type of agriculture that should be embraced to increase food production without harming the environment, reduce poverty in rural areas, and deliver human, social and economic development benefits.

Researchers in Oxford are studying the grassroots networks that share practical knowledge about agroecology and sustainable living in order to improve livelihoods in marginalized communities of Latin America. The project documents the ways in which small-scale farmers contribute to Latin American agricultural science and technology through the production and transmission of agroecological knowledge and the use of this knowledge in advocacy and policy. By analyzing small-scale agroecological agriculture in terms of farm size, property rights, use and exchange value, market limitations, and government responsibilities, the research will provide a range of data to further our understanding of the ecological basis of food systems and the  multifunctional nature of agriculture.


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