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    Identifying the ecological and evolutionary processes that underpin the resilience and persistence of biodiversity
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    Regions outside of reserves account for 88% of the earth’s terrestrial surface and 98% of marine areas
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    Designing novel uses of technology for practical biodiversity conservation

Welcome to the institute

Oxford University has real excellence and expertise in biodiversity that is present in a number of social and natural science departments. The Biodiversity Institute focuses these existing biodiversity research strengths to create a strong collaborative research outfit that not only takes a lead in the science of biodiversity but also develops the frameworks, structures and novel technologies to implement this science into management and policy.

Latest news

Two postdoctoral positions available

September 30, 2014

We are advertising two postdoctoral posts, to start as soon as possible: a 12-24 month post in Conservation Modelling (see details, vacancy ID: 115389) and a 12 ... Continue reading...

The Biodiversity Institute is advertising for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant

September 16, 2014

Position: Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Phenotypic Evolution and Speciation in Birds Location: Department of Zoology, South Parks Road, Oxford Salary: Grade 7: £30,434 - £37,394 with a discretionary range to ... Continue reading...

Maintaining ecosystem function and services in logged tropical forests

August 12, 2014

Main image for Maintaining ecosystem function and services in logged tropical forests A new paper explores the impact of selective tropical logging on ecosystem functioning within biological communities and on the key forest services of carbon storage, evapotranspiration, and ... Continue reading...

Inaugural RSPB award given to conservation research paper

March 12, 2014

Main image for Inaugural RSPB award given to conservation research paper The Biodiversity Institute's Anthony Waldron and his co-authors from England, Canada and the USA were awarded an inaugural Conservation Medal by the RSPB in a ceremony at ... Continue reading...

Rice, Rain, and Harvests: How Vision and Collaboration Can Put Climate Adaptation into Action

February 12, 2014

By Jessica Thorn. Originally published in the Landscape Blog.  Jessica Thorn, of the Systemic Integrated Adaptation program of CCAF (Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security) ... Continue reading...

New appointments for Elizabeth Jeffers

January 21, 2014

Main image for New appointments for Elizabeth Jeffers Elizabeth Jeffers, of the Biodiversity Institute, was recently appointed to be the course director of the DTP (Doctoral Training Partnership) in Environmental Research and as a ... Continue reading...

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