The Art of Plant Conservation

Chris Thorogood

  • Start  Friday 05 May 2023 4:15pm
  • Finish    Friday 05 May 2023 5:15pm
Man with black t-shirt on standing infront of a painting of a flower
Chris Thorogood and one of his illustrations

Chris Thorogood is a botanist and artist who has travelled the world in pursuit of plants. In this talk, Chris will take us on some of his hair-raising, global adventures over clifftops, up erupting volcanoes, through typhoons, and out into the very heart of the world’s vast, green wilderness, all for the love of plants. Chris will talk about his conservation work around the world, and share how he recreates his botanical encounters in paint.

Chris Thorogood is the Deputy Director and Head of Science at Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum. Chris’s research focusses on plant evolution, biodiversity and biomimetics. He is an ambassador for public engagement with plant sciences and regular broadcaster. Chris is a wildlife artist and botanical illustrator, and an international best-selling author of specialist field guides and popular titles including ‘Weird Plants’ and ‘Chasing Plants’.

This talk will be followed by a drinks reception and everyone is welcome.

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