Cities in Nature: Transforming Singapore into a City in Nature.

Dr. Lena Chan

  • Start  Monday 28 Nov 2022 5:00am
  • Finish    Monday 28 Nov 2022 6:15pm
woman in blue jumper with glasses and long hair looking a the camera
Dr. Lena Chan

The talk will a) showcase some cities that have incorporated biodiversity conservation successfully, b) share how the National Parks Board of Singapore (NParks) implements its City in Nature vision and c) illustrate how NParks identifies problems, crafts specific problem statements, works with the scientific community to design research projects that seek nature-based solutions, interprets the data, translates the results to policies, operationalises the recommendations on the ground and devises evaluation and monitoring programmes – all in one government agency collaborating in an interdisciplinary manner and comprehensively with multi-governmental agencies, academic community, and the public (NGOs, citizen scientists, etc.).

Speaker bio
Dr. Lena Chan is the Senior Director of the International Biodiversity Conservation Division, National Parks Board (NParks) of Singapore. Some initiatives that Dr. Chan has worked on include the development and updating of the Singapore Index on Cities’ Biodiversity, drafting of NParks’ Nature Conservation Masterplan, and supervising the Pulau Tekong Coastal Protection and Mangrove Enhancement project, etc.

Dr. Chan’s current official duties cover being the National Focal Point for the Convention on Biological Diversity, a Governing Board member of the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, Co-Chair of the ICLEI City with Nature Knowledge & Research Hub, a member of the Biophilic Cities Network’s Advisory Board, etc. She has published scientific papers on ecology, parasitology and women and the environment, and
chapters in books on conservation biology. She co-edited supplements of the Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore that were dedicated to a biodiversity survey of the Central Nature Reserve published in 1997 and a comprehensive biodiversity survey of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve published in 2019.


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