Webinar 3: Actions for biodiversity on campus

Professor ShyamSunder Jyani, Professor of Sociology at Government Dungar College, Bikaner, India Professor Dr. Mark van Kleunen, Professor of Ecology at University of Konstanz, Germany

  • Start  Tuesday 19 Mar 2024 9:00am
  • Finish    Tuesday 19 Mar 2024 10:00am

🌱 Welcome to the next instalment of our new 2024 Nature Positive Universities (NPU) webinar series. In this opportunity, we will be learning from two NPU member institutions about biodiversity initiatives on their respective campuses including the Familial Forestry approach for habitat restoration in Rajasthan and biodiversity uplift projects such as native planting, green roofs and habitat creation for birds, bats and insects in Konstanz.


The 2024 Nature Positive Universities webinar series is a new series of six webinars for members of the NPU network to learn more about the work member institutions have been undertaking in several key areas of biodiversity action, and take inspiration from their work. The series will cover action for biodiversity on our campuses, and in our supply chains, and focus on approaches in cities, food on campus, and how to set up biodiversity strategies.

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