Profile picture in black and white of HERO HERO aims to develop a Oxfordshire as a case study of the new dynamics of a local-to-national biodiversity transformation.

Healthy Ecosystem Restoration Oxfordshire (HERO) is an ecosystem restoration / re-wilding initiative across Oxfordshire. We are exploring the role the University could play to successfully implement ecosystem restoration across the county. We are working with organisations from around Oxfordshire to maximise the potential for demonstration and research of HERO.

Oxfordshire presents a unique opportunity to test and showcase a portfolio of different ecosystem restoration strategies. HERO gathers a range of stakeholders and scientists who are interested in ecosystem restoration. It also aims to invite prominent supporters of Oxford’s biodiversity research in the business, finance, government and NGO sectors, to develop our links with external stakeholders. The HERO network includes a network of local authorities, environmental organisations, and community groups are already working on a range of initiatives to help support nature’s recovery, and enhance the multiple benefits that nature provides in Oxfordshire. This includes strategic work, such as developing a formal Local Nature Partnership to help manage the natural environment in an integrated way across the county, developing a Nature Recovery Network and in spring 2021 a Local Nature Recovery Strategy, and devising a system to deliver Biodiversity Net Gain funds across the county; all the way through to local work on the ground with Catchment Partnerships, Farmer Clusters, and community groups. In parallel, the Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment (TOE) is developing the country as a trial to set up to combine and coordinate different streams of environmental funding, such as private donations, carbon offsetting and developer biodiversity net gain payments, to finance the delivery of local projects addressing environmental priorities for Oxfordshire