Mapping Ongoing Nature Restoration Activities in Oxfordshire

HERO Workshop #7

HERO workshops 2 and 3 in late 2021 identified a need to collect data on where existing nature recovery activities are already taking place in Oxfordshire, so that we know where there are gaps or opportunities to build on existing work. Since then, HERO researchers have been working to compile this data from various sources, and integrate it with the existing natural capital map of Oxfordshire.

The purpose of this workshop was to present and discuss the database and map; to identify any data gaps and consider how to fill them; to discuss how this evidence could be used to help shape nature recovery strategies; and to plan next steps for completing the map and keeping it up to date. HERO researchers first presented the database and map of nature recovery activities in Oxfordshire and then opened the floor to discussion. The main points of discussion focused on the content of the map and whether and how the map could be shared.

Download the report here

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