What is Nature Positive? Listen to this podcast to find out

List to this podcast from the Guardian

What does #COP15 buzzword ‘nature positive’ mean?

A historic deal has been struck at the UN’s biodiversity conference, Cop15, which will set a course for nature recovery from now until 2050, including a target to protect 30% of the planet for nature by the end of the decade. One of the key phrases guiding the summit across the two weeks of negotiations was ‘nature positive’.

Madeleine Finlay hears from the biodiversity reporter Phoebe Weston about what ‘nature positive’ meant at Cop15, and what she’d like to see from countries now the final agreement has been made, and speaks to biodiversity professor EJ Milner-Gulland about how to stop the term ‘nature positive’ becoming another way for companies to greenwash their businesses.

EJ. Milner-Gulland explains in this short podcast https://www.theguardian.com/science/audio/2022/dec/20/cop15-nature-positive-podcast?CMP=share_btn_tw 

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