On January 28, the Biodiversity Institute had an ‘away’ day, during which anyone from the Zoology Department involved in biodiversity-related research was invited to present their work in a short, five minute, presentation. The following are some of the 21 talks presented during the day (in PDF format)

Anthony Waldron:

Big Bird and the future of the forests


Catherine Sheard:

Macro-ecological and -evolutionary approaches to

disentangling the roles of social and ecological selection in birds


Chris Cooney:

Speciation in Birds



Chris Jeffs:

Natural enemies and the structuring

of plant communities


Claudia Gray:

Riparian Reserves: Biodiversity Conservation

in Oil Palm Plantations


David Benz:

Geospatial tools for environmental assessment



Eleanor Bath:

Mutual ornamentation in stalk-eyed flies


Marc Macias-Fauria:

Abiotic controls in cold ecosystems.

A long-term perspective


Peter Long:

Methods for processing satellite data


Owen Lewis:

Understanding the mechanisms

driving tropical forest diversity


Phil Chapman:

Does phylogeny predict function?

FD, PD and a tropical forest logging gradient


Sandra Bos Mikich:

Plant-frugivore interactions in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest:

implications for management and conservation


Sofia Gripenberg:

Plant-seed predator interactions in tropical forests



Tom Bregman:

The collapse of functional diversity

in human-modified landscapes