Biodiversity Network Coffee Series

Pippa Gittings and Andy Purvis

  • Start  Wednesday 29 Sep 2021 10:00am
  • Finish    Wednesday 29 Sep 2021 11:00am

Welcome back to the new series of Biodiversity Coffee Seminars!
Today we’ll be hearing from colleagues at the Natural History Museum.

The NHM is developing a Biodiversity Indicators Portal that will aid policymakers, evidence builders and scientific advisors to make better biodiversity decisions using robust scientific data developed by the NHM.

The portal will highlight biodiversity change and the impact of the factors that drive it. The hope is that this tool will enable decision makers to conserve and preserve biodiversity, working to bend the curve of biodiversity loss. It will tell the story of what’s happened in the past, the state of the present and predict the impact of future decisions.

The first version, planned to go live in September, will contain data from the NHM’s Biodiversity Intactness Index. The Biodiversity Intactness Index estimates how much biodiversity is left in an area, helping us understand current and future biodiversity declines.

We’ll also be outlining our talks for next term and will briefly mention our new HERO programme, there will also be time for you to tell the network about any opportunities for collaborating and events you have coming up.

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